Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All fun and games

As you can see, Alegria is enjoying the packing and sorting process. At least she enjoys playing hide and seek in the semi-empty boxes! Alegria is my Brazilian bi-lingual Persian cat. She is five years old and is a typical cat in that she thinks everything is all about her. Her name in Portuguese means "Joy" and she does live up to that name because she loves to play and often does funny things that make me laugh. Right now she is sleeping behind me in the desk chair because I got up early and she wanted to continue sleeping. Alegria does not know that her world is about to change; she is focused on the task at hand...sleeping, playing with her ball, bugging me to play chase, etc. Even if cats could worry, it would not help her much since I do not know what her new home will be like or even when I am going to find that new home! How much more important it is for me to live each of these days in the reality that my Master knows exactly what His plans are for me...where I will live, work...all of it! Do I need to look ahead and make plans? Yes! Do I need to fret and sigh and worry? No! Just like Alegria, I can enjoy the moments and focus on the tasks at hand. Today, that task seems to be more packing and sorting as it is raining right now and it does not look like I will be able to teach the sports classes out in Frei Damiao. So maybe I can reward myself with a treat at my favorite bakery after I get a few more drawers cleaned out this morning? hmmm

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