Friday, October 31, 2008

Favorite Bakery

In my last post I mentioned the bakery so when I went down for my reward for cleaning out more drawers and shelves, I took my camera along. As you see, they have decorated for Christmas and it is very cheerful with all the delightful cookies on display. These wonderful cookies will be gone long before Christmas arrives as people are already buying several packages at a time. I decided I had better get mine before the ones I wanted were all gone, so they are now safely in a sealed tupperware container at my house, ready for the flight home in December.
I was introduced to Homero and Nelci my first week in Brazil and they have become good friends over the years. I will miss walking down the hill for coffee, cinnamon rolls and conversation.
These cinnamon rolls have become quite famous in this area because it is not an item you will find anywhere else. A new missionary couple taught Nelci how to make them and they have become in such demand that she now makes them three times a week for their customers. One time, a lady from a city 4 hours away (Curitiba) bought the entire day's supply to take back with her....much to the chagrin of the regular customers who came in later that day! Homero, Nelci and their daughters, Alesandra and Aline have been my language helpers, my problem solvers and good friends these past eight years. Sometimes they have even been my tour guides and this Sunday if it does not rain, we will be going to a beach area about an hour south of here where the whales gather each year to give birth to their young. We will be getting on a boat to go out and view these whales "up close and personal." I am looking forward to getting some great photos and to spending the day with their family. I am sure it will become another fond memory of good times with Brazilian friends.