Friday, November 21, 2008


I love that word because the sound of the word describes it's meaning...Mess! There will hopefully soon be order in the midst of this chaos but in the meantime it is driving me a little crazy. The process basically involves separating everything being donated into boxes for various ministries or missionaries while at the same time tossing out things no one old language school practice lessons....

The worst mess right now is in the kitchen where I am "placing" everything that will go to the Thanksgiving retreat next week where about 35 missionaries and their children will be able to peruse the treasures for items they can use. This collection includes things like footballs and baseball equipment that can not be used by schools or day care centers here since no one knows how to teach these American sports. There is also a lot of "beach" stuff which I probably will not need in Little Rock, Arkansas.
The goal is to have this huge mess gone by noon next Wednesday. Of course, I have to first get it all downstairs and into my car....

Now just to show that I have been working the past two days, this is the neat and tidy stack of boxes and plastic containers that are all ready for the men who will be preparing my things for the shipping container on December 1st. Of course, it has done nothing but rain the past two days and I no longer have cable what else was there to do?
My next task will be to pull out everything that needs to go with me on the airplane rather than in the shipping container which could take up to three months to arrive in Little Rock. This is a good mental gymnastics task because things like missing power cords or 2008 tax-deductible receipts can be serious problems if I do not remember to put them in the "do not crate" stack.
....So tomorrow is is supposed to continue raining....but I am not going to continue sorting and packing! It is time for a day off...with or without sunshine.

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