Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wrapping up the Team Sports classes

First trick this week was to navigate the mud holes going into Frei Damiao which are getting deep enough to cause serious damage to the underside of my car. By Saturday this road was even worse with little ponds everywhere. For our final week of lessons, the students practiced bowling and played American football on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I let them choose the activity and one class chose to play baseball and the other selected volleyball.

Saturday was a big day for all the athletes as they headed to the bowling alley for their "end of the term" outing. This is always a special treat and probably something most of these children will never have an opportunity to do again. My missionary friends, Ron, Alana, Malcolm and Dana were wonderful helpers today and as usual gave each child tons of encouragement and hugs.

 the bowling alley..............First semester Awards............bowlers with missionaries

After I presented all the awards, Meri (Director at the CADI) and the students surprised me with a photo page which they had all signed. I may not miss navigating the muddy roads, but I will miss the children's love of learning, unending energy and their sweet hugs.

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