Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alegria's Adventure

I knew that delivering Alegria (her name means "joy" in Portuguese) to her new home was going to be difficult, but I certainly was not prepared for the adventure that unfolded. The first time I tried to pack up Alegria's things, she figured out something was amiss and found a place to hide while I was putting her food and toys in the car. After searching for her for over 45 minutes, I gave up and called to tell the Brazilian woman that my cat was hiding from me. About an hour later, Alegria came out of hiding and tapped me on my back while I was sitting at the computer...just as if nothing had let me know she wanted up in my lap.
This time, she went into hiding as soon as I put her food container in a box in the living room, but I found her quickly as she chose to hide in a chair under a glass-top table. Not quite as smart as she thinks she is....

Our adventure began as I made a wrong turn while searching for the road leading to the small home being built by Elias and Joice. It is a very visible blue house, but could not be reached from the road I was on which actually came to a dead end. There was no room for turning around so I attempted to back out to a spot in the road that was a little wider. You can see the results of that decision....two hours later, with the help of five strong men willing to get down and dirty in the flooded road, my car came up out of the mud hole. At one point, Elias, who had come on his motorcycle to help, had to go find someone with a stronger car to help pull my car backwards as the men pushed.

So here is Alegria with her new "Mom and Dad" who have already figured out that she is a pretty loving and playful cat. This morning I received an email from Joice telling me that she had given Alegria an ice cube in her water....(something she loves)....and reported that she had indeed enjoyed it. I miss having Alegria beg me to get up out of my chair here at the desk to play, but I am thrilled that she is already bringing her style of "joy" to her new owners.

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Sharkbytes said...

Well, at least something significant happened to help take your mind off of giving up your kitty. Sniff. Sorry it had to be getting the car stuck though! Thanks for sharing the story.