Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tiny Visitor

This is the overhead fan in my bedroom. I first saw this little fellow sitting on top of the blinds, but he was making it difficult for me to catch him at this point. I have a humming bird feeder outside the window in the living room and sometimes when two hummers chase each other, one ends up flying into the apartment.
I then have to try and catch them in my little plastic strainer and get them back to the window where they can fly away. Here is my little friend sitting on my notepad. He is safely in the window, but does not know he is free to fly away. I was letting him rest a little because his little heart was still pounding and he was exhausted from trying to avoid being caught. I was just happy that he did not have a heart attack while he was flying fearfully around my bedroom!

Over the past eight years, the many different hummers and small chickadees that have come to my feeders have been source of joy. Most mornings I would eat breakfast sitting on the couch so that I could watch them coming to feed. I have been fortunate to get a few excellent photos out of the hundreds I have taken! are two of my favorites:

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Sharkbytes said...

Only you would have a hummer come sit on your fan! Too cool.