Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Knick Knack Bubble Wrap and Pack Party!

No, that is not the title of new popular song in Brazil. It's my way of convincing my four Missionary friends that it would be fun to help wrap and pack into boxes my 90+ decorative items! It really did turn out to be a great evening with lots of talking accompanying the sounds of scissors cutting paper and fingers popping bubbles. I think the photos will tell the story better than my words could so let's just go right to the party. (click on photos to see a larger image)
.....Linda, Dinah, Alana & Dana....... Alana is quickly into mischief ........Linda is focused on her task

....."love these bubbles!" ................I was the messy one... .................The end result!

After about and hour and half of wrapping, taping and labeling, we declared the task finished, swept up the M&M's and straw and headed to Habibs for dinner...Hey, we earned it! Afterwards we all returned to my apartment where everyone browsed the "give-away" tables for things they could not live without. They did a great job of shrinking away my piles of "stuff"....Thanks ladies!

Dana and Alana "shopping" the give-away table
afterwards for goodies to take home.

This was a big task and I am very grateful for the help in getting it off my "to do" list. There is still much left to sort through and pack up, but little by little the mountain is shrinking and that is a good feeling.

Now...if I could just convince my friends to take a quick trip to the states when my container arrives in Arkansas......